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Welcome To Perth Hills Massage

Welcome Ladies – is your body calling for a nourishing full body massage?

Well this is what Perth Hills Massage offers.

Located amongst the serene and tranquil Beelu National Park forest in Mundaring

is where professionally trained massage therapist Laula Perey offers massage from her home studio.  It is a space that welcomes new clients to fully unwind – allow the body to switch into receiving mode – re bloom the 5 senses and release those feel good chemicals especially oxytocin which is proven to be activated through comfort contact touch  and helps regulate the nervous system with a feeling of ease, trust and safety.

Laula invites you to book in and experience for yourself, whether that is a one off session or a continual gift to self.


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Laula Perey is trained in :

Deep Tissue Massage

Trigger Point Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Pregnancy Massage

$90 an hour


Call or text Laula 0403792410 – available during the hours of 10 am – to 5 pm

EMAIL  bodyrestorer@gmail.com

FACEBOOK  @PerthHillsMassage

INSTAGRAM  @PerthHillsMassage



What They Say

My husband and I very rarely get time for ourselves and trying to fit in a massage in between work and kids sometimes seems impossible !
3 + years ago we got a flyer in our letterbox and I ALWAYS throw them away but I saw “mobile massage” so I thought I would give it a go !
After having massages all around the world and seeing different massage therapists I can NOT compare anyone to Laula, I have recommended her to all my friends and family and they have all said the same.
Thank you Laula for being such an amazing human, not only do I feel incredibly relaxed when you leave but I really look forward to seeing you, your so easy and calming to talk to and I honestly couldn’t recommend you enough. We will never stop using you. Lana – Mount Helena

I have been seeing Laula for quite some time now for massage treatments and have loved every one of them. Her technique is so different to any other treatment I have had and afterwards I always feel so grounded. Highly recommended Karan – Kalamunda

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